Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Happy Weekend!

Summer in the city: graffiti and ice cream

Hope all my readers (all four of you) have a delightful weekend!

Jenn P.

30-something psychotherapist. Loves cooking, hosting parties, exploring new places. Texan by birth. New Yorker by choice. Likes to tell little stories. Pull up a chair; I'll tell you one.

  • Melinda D.
    I’m one of your 4 readers! :-) Have a great weekend!
  • JP
    Yay! Thanks, Melinda! I read your blog as well. Keep up the good work!
  • Sweet Pea Chef
    Hahaha…sometimes it feels like there are only 4 readers, huh? I’m sure you have plenty more than 4. :) Have a great weekend as well and thanks for commenting on my blog!
  • ag.
    “all four of you”…SO cute! add me to that number because i’m now a reader! your blog is great!