Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Sneaky Snack: DIY Theater Popcorn

Like 1/3 of all Americans, I beat the heat this past weekend by going to the movies. We saw Inception, and while I found it thrilling and entertaining, it also made me feel like I have the brain span of an avocado. 

As most people agree, it’s not a day at the movies without popcorn. And I’m not talking about those greasy, unnaturally yellow packing peanuts in a squat $6 tub.  I’m also not talking about a microwave popcorn bag that bloats and deflates faster than Janet Jackson between albums. I’m talking about real popcorn, cooked in a pot on the stove with oil, the way that God and Orville Redenbacher rightfully intended. I make it all the time, and am continually surprised that people eat their popcorn any other way since it’s the cheapest, tastiest, and healthiest option besides air-popping.

Here’s how it gets done:
Place two kernels in oil (I find peanut and canola oils work best), and put the lid on the pot. Once those first two pop, that’s the green light to pour in the rest of the kernels. Fill the bottom of the pan with one layer of kernels only. And the type of kernels does matter, in my opinion. It’s tempting to buy the super huge bag for $1.99, but I find that organic popcorn ($5-$6) has a much crisper texture.
I’ve had problems using any pot that’s not non-stick. This cheap-o pot from a dollar store actually works best for me, go figure. Leave the lid slightly ajar while popping to let some of the steam escape while popping. This will keep the popcorn light and crisp.

The best thing about making your own popcorn is that you can inject whatever flavor you want to it. I love playing around with new delicious combinations. I brought two varieties with us to munch on at the movies this past Saturday.

{Drizzled with olive oil, shaved parmesan, garlic powder, rosemary, kosher salt and black pepper}
{Drizzled with honey, ground cinnamon, a little bit of sugar, kosher salt and topped with almonds}
What kinds of goodies do you sneak into the movies?

Jenn P.

30-something psychotherapist. Loves cooking, hosting parties, exploring new places. Texan by birth. New Yorker by choice. Likes to tell little stories. Pull up a chair; I'll tell you one.

  • This Bridge
    I love parmesean on my popcorn! The cinnamon one I have to try… I had an air popper growing up, since being an adult I have attempted making in on the stove top, but never had stellar results, now I see that might be due to the non stick pots I use!! On my way to the dollar store! Thanks JP!
  • Deliciously Organized
    I’ve been obsessed with popcorn lately. So delicious. Your combos look yummy!
  • Melinda D.
    The honey cinnamon almond sounds delicious!! I might need to try this.
  • LindsB
    OK, I need to go home and make popcorn for dinner now- this looks DELISH!
  • Elle Sees
    popcorn, a pizza, a taco salad, a cheesecake. i am a master of sneaking in random stuff!
  • tash
    drooooll!!! Absolutely fabulous! Perfect snack that can be so versatile! Loving your blog by the way! xo tash
  • Marisa
    I’m with you. I pop my corn on the stove. I feel a little twinge of guilt when I pour in that oil, and every time I think, “I should really get an air popper.” But then I realize that the oil makes it taste good. And the texture cannot be replicated in a microwave or air popper. Yum. Need to go make some popcorn now. :)