Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Creepy Crib Tour

I hate haunted houses. I know hate is a strong word, but I’ll use it liberally in this context. Fumbling around in the dark through narrow corridors while asshats in overalls and Jason masks run around with roaring chainsaws does not a good time make. Not for me, anyway. And forget scary movies. If I had enough hands to plug both ears and cover both eyes at the same time, I might consider seeing one, but until then I’ll stick with romantic comedies, thankyouverymuch.

And yet, here is my living room, covered in cobwebs and black bunting. I’m in the spirit this year. Just whose spirit it is, I’m not so sure. Bwah, ha, ha!
halloween decorations
I draped my media console in a black tablecloth ($2.99, Party City) to lay the creepy foundation. Using stuff I already had, like votive candles and cake stands, helped keep costs low.
halloween decorations
I swapped out the existing art with some creepy-chic alternatives. For free art, I used these spooky templates. In hindsight, I wish I had positioned Mr. Skeleton a little differently for his photo op. I know he doesn’t have any skin, but he’s fixin’ to get some 2nd degree burns in a very delicate area.
halloween decorations
No Halloween display is complete without that weird stretchy spiderwebby stuff. I spent about 6 bucks on the big bag and have it draped in every corner.
halloween decorations
Propping a mirror behind the silver balls (aka: last year’s Christmas ornaments) and red candles (this summer’s Citronella candles) creates a really cool effect when all the lights are off and the candles are lit.
halloween decorations
I sprayed the white mini pumpkin with some silver glitter spray for a nice glow. Those eyeballs peering up at you are filled with not-so-scary chocolate and peanut butter. Until you try to button your pants. In bulk, they are very scary indeed.
halloween decorations
I took this photo a few weeks ago; it was a window display of a costume store. Printed it out on some photo paper, popped it in a frame I already had, and I have a cute custom print of bones playing skins. It’s got a personal touch too; my boyfriend is a drummer. And he’s skinny.
halloween decorations
Here is my skinny drummer with his “half-bad” friend last October in Salem, Massachusetts. If you’re into the holiday, you must try to take a trip there in the weeks leading up to the 31st. It’s the best thing that’s happened to Halloween since It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
halloween decorations
Black crows and glittered skulls are definitely Halloween-specific, but looking outside the Halloween aisle can result in some good finds too. I got 12 silver votive bases in the bridal aisle at Party City ($6.99) and an 18-pack of long white tapers in the general candle aisle at Pier 1 ($10).
halloween decorations
I’ve had these candlesticks forever, and they added a nice gothic look to the decor. Our nephew Ethan had fun spearing the flame with a breadstick last weekend, which resulted in a wax waterfall. I’m not encouraging your kids to play with candles, (ok, maybe I am a little), but the result here is awesome!
halloween decorations
Eat a sandwich, for Chrissakes!
Are you creeping out your crib for Halloween?

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  • Caroline
    You’re so cute! I love it all. This blog is so great.
  • Anonymous
    That’s awesome! Looks great! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Christmas!!!
  • Kendall Jones
    Oooo I love it!
  • swankychicfete
    teehee – this is fun!
  • Staley Mc
    I love all your decorations! So cute!! I love how you put the spider on your “keep calm” print!
  • Roxy Te
    Jenn, this is absolutely fantastic and per usual so creative! Seeing as I just started working again, I really need to incorporate the old and the new. I never thought of replacing everyday framed photos with festive photos. Seriously, genius. My picture frame collage is in for a treat! Also, really enjoying your sense of humor..poor Mr. Skeleton haha
    p.s. Thanks so much for the sweet comment and making my 100 :) :)
  • 20 York Street
    Wow, that is wonderful, you did this yourself and you don’t like haunted houses! WOW! Impressive! besos, Win a Banana Republic Statement Necklace at: 20 YORK STREET
    WOW! This is soooo cool, can you come over to mine & do the same thing please???!!!!
  • Shannon
    I need to stop visiting this week. You’re putting me to shame in the H-ween decor dept. I went straight to the lame Pottery barnish pumpkins and acorns I had sitting in the top of my decor and stopped there. This is the first year we’re not having our H-ween dinner party so I’m not dragging everything out. It’s slightly depressing. FYI, babies are time, energy and fun-decor sucks. Your house looks amazing, are there any surfaces untouched? My best friend is very very very skinny and I have on multiple occasions told her to eat a sandwich. She doesn’t find it funny. Your skeleton may not either. ha.
  • Helen
    This is awesome! See, this is why I can’t wait to move into my own house! I will decorate seasonally and noone will be able to stop me!
  • Monet
    I’ve been looking forward to this…and you did not fail to disappoint! You did an AMAZING job decorating your house for Halloween. I need to get some seasonal decorations. We don’t have anything (we didn’t even decorate a christmas tree last year!) Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope you have a great, ghoulish night!
  • Corinna White Charlton
    this is great! my decorations are packed away in storage and i just haven’t pulled my act together to decorate this year! it makes me a little sad. i think ill go on a halloween decoration neighborhood haunt. i mean hunt. living vicariously is not too shabby.
  • ag.
    I too hate haunted houses! And scary movies are a definite no go! But your hallowenn decorations are great! Looks awesome!
  • Lauren Zabaneh
    I hate haunted houses, scary movies and all creepy stuff. But your decor…I love it! My favorite is the skeleton getting toasty in his “delicate area” and the breadstick/candle water fall thing! I was giggling all the way through. creative, thrifty and a drummer boyfriend? totally B-A-N-A-N-A-S! hugs, Jenn-girl!
  • Lisa Griffin
    i just found your blog and am cracking up! i’m not creeping out my studio bc then i wouldn’t be able to ever escape it but your’s looks fantastic!
  • Cece
    Thanks for the comment on my blog…which brought me here to find all your fun creepy decor. You’ve inspired me to get with the program this weekend! :)
  • style’n
    Love these decorations…you’re definitely creative! will you be dressing up for Halloween in a scary costume too???
  • Elisabeth
    You are so creative with your decorations! All set for Halloween…just love the skeleton, and your funny remarks. I too hate haunted houses…they give me the creeps! Your comments on my blog are greatly appreciated!
  • Indie.Tea
    I’m not creeping out my place. I’m Hindu, and our biggest holiday is a cpl days after Halloween, so I’m prepping and decorating for it instead.
    But I love what you did with your place!
  • Roxy Te
    hey lady! I don’t know if I’m having one this year :( Please share if you make those broom goodie bags, I’d love to see :) p.s. I forgot what my paint color is called, but I’m totally checking when I get home!
  • Koci
    Ohh, this post made me giggle. I love your Halloween decorations!
  • mini baby cribs
    Oooo I love it!