Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Dark Chocolate Mousse (with tofu!!)

If you read the title, you have chosen to press on and keep reading because you are A) Intrigued, or B) Totally grossed out. For a year or so, I have quickly flipped past this recipe in Ellie Krieger’s cookbook, dismissing it as weird and utterly unappealing. Well, my friends. I have changed my tune. I am now a bonafide, card-carrying tofu eater. I never thought I’d see this day. Or this dessert in my belly.

vegan chocolate mousse
I have to tell you, this recipe rocked my socks off. And that’s really saying something, cause it’s 17 degrees out. No one should be without adequate footwear in times like these.
chocolate tofu mousse
Apparently tofu is used for all kinds of desserts–even cheesecake. Who knew? Oh–you did? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! I’m always the last to know.
tofu chocolate mousse
Using high-quality chocolate and cocoa powder is really key to perfecting this recipe. Several online reviewers complained of a strong tofu taste in the mousse. I used soft organic tofu, and didn’t experience that at all. I tasted rich, chocolately goodness. Which, of course, is basically my favorite kind of goodness.
tofu chocolate mousse
Without further delay, here’s Ellie Krieger’s recipe for Dark Chocolate Mousse. I made it as directed, except I subbed brewed coffee for the brandy. If you make it, you’ll notice it’s heavier than mousse–probably more like a pudding, but why split hairs? Or your pants, for that matter.

Jenn P.

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  • MerciBlahBlah
    I don’t remember if it was Ellie Krieger’s recipe that I used, but I made a mousse w/tofu, and what I DO remember is that it. was. DELISH. Sooooo good. I’ll have to try this one too. Thanks for sharing!! merci,
  • Roxy Te
    wow! What a fantastic lower calorie option…this would’ve been better for my thighs than the pint of chocolate ice cream I had on sunday night..ughh
  • Calendar Gal
    Sounds heavenly…I just might have to give tofu another look-see!!
  • Roxan
    Jenn! I want to try this. I’m guessing that the tofu really takes on the chocolate flavor. I think I’ll make it for my husband and see if he notices the difference from regular mousse.
  • blackbookkitchendiaries
    this sounds so good.. i’ve never tried using tofu in desserts before but this one looks so yummy! thank you for sharing this.
  • ag.
    Well if that tastes anywhere near as good as it looks, I’m sure you’ve got a lot of us sold! So glad you tried it first though…cause I don’t think I’d be as adventurous!
  • Shannon
    At first, I was all, ew gross, tofu. Where’s Vin and the box of Entenmann’s? But I remembered that just today I was watching Christina Cooks on NJN and she made a tofu cheesecake. I’m one of those people that as long as you don’t tell me the ingredients beforehand, I’m good. But for real, it looked good and so does this!
    So delish! I was thinking about making chocolate pots with Baileys or Molten lava cakes for V-day!
  • Jenn from Much to My Delight
    Shannon–that made me laugh out loud. I was totally going to add that this dessert completely had Entenmann-loving Vin completely fooled. I was really shocked by how good it was!
  • Monet
    Oh yes…I discovered the wonders of tofu in desserts last year. So yummy! Thank you for sharing, sweetheart. I hope you have a wonderful Friday…and an even better weekend.
  • Lauren Zabaneh
    wow. tofu? really? I mean, I would try it…but I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it, normally. But since you suggest it, Jenn-Darling, I probably would try it, since we like so many similar things. What would be really fun is to give it to the Hubs and see if he notices. Hmmm. speaking of split pants, that reminds me I really need to sew my poor daughter’s pants. I told her that I would fix them the last time I threw them into the washer, then I didn’t, then I forgot that I didn’t fix them, and then she wore them a whole day before I noticed again. And it’s a HUGE split in her pants too!! what kind of mommy am I? Oh, that’s right, a forgetful one.
  • Marcia B.
    That is so intriguing, i will actually try this!