Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

I Left My Heart at the Doughnut Plant

A few years ago a New York City baker was featured on “Bobby Flay: Throwdown”. His name was Mark Israel and his specialty was doughnuts. Only these weren’t ordinary doughnuts. (I mean, obviously, or else Bobby Flay wouldn’t be challenging him to a throwdown, right?) Now, I’m no doughnut connoisseur, but my boyfriend certainly is. Back in the day when he and I worked in the same office, Vin would choose a random Tuesday, announce that it was “Donut Day” and drop a dozen sugary little nuggets on his desk. For himself.
Anyway, Vin’s attention was obviously piqued by this doughnut guru, and I was amazed by the uniqueness of the flavors he was using in what I’ve always considered one of the more pedestrian baked goods. The variety sounded simply out-of-this-world –tres leches, carrot cake, lavender, creme brulee–and he even made his own jelly to inject in his jelly-filled donuts. Vin and I wiped the drool off our chins and began planning our trip to this utopian place the baker owned. It was called the Doughnut Plant. We called it “The Motherland”.
That was three years ago and apparently we were too lazy to travel all the way to the Lower East Side for an insulin spike. But when I read that a new branch had just opened in Chelsea, we knew the time was right to treat ourselves to what sounded like the best doughnuts ever. PS: THEY WERE.
A word to the wise: Do not get your heart set on a particular donut before you go. This place is as popular as Marcia Brady, and they’re likely to run out of your top choice before you get there. Just remember what your mama said: “You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit.” I really wanted to try the Tres Leches and Vin was dying for a blackout, but they were both sold out by the time we got there.
We didn’t care. I’m guessing there are no bad options there, and we still managed to find four (FOUR!) different ones we really wanted to try. I’d recommend going in the morning, because as good as those things tasted in the late afternoon, they must be completely mind-blowing fresh out of the oven. 
This was the bench my backside rested on while eating my doughnuts. It doubled in size by the end of my visit. No matter. Allow me to introduce you to my new best friends: 
First up: Pistachio Glazed. Oh man, this guy had me at hello. I love a glazed doughnut, and the addition of pistachio nuts really gave the classic yeast doughnut a sophisticated flavor. And I am nothing if not sophisticated (especially when I smear glaze all over my face in unbridled gluttonous glee).
“Lovin’ you is easy cause you’re beautiful…”
Next round was Vin’s choice: A yeast doughnut with peanut butter glaze on the outside and blackberry jelly on the inside. It too was delicious, but it was really heavy, and of the four we ordered, it was my least favorite. That said, I can’t name one single kid who wouldn’t love to have his mom pack this in his lunch box for school. He would definitely not be up for tradesies that day. PS: Notice the fantastic hole-to-doughnut ratio!
Round three was Vin’s 2nd option: the creme brulee. Let me just say, this thing shocked me with how closely it resembled the dessert it was inspired by. The sugary outside was crisp, then you bit into it, and the most marvelous cream was tucked in the middle. Just like a real creme brulee! If someone on “Top Chef: Desserts” had come up with this they totally would have won a year’s supply of Gladware and a new car. It was unbelievable.
“Today I am the luckiest man, man, man on the face of the earth, earth, earth…”
And last but not least, my angel baby: Coconut Cream. I’m crying just thinking about how good this was. The woman next to me ordered the same thing and said to her husband solemnly, “This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life.” I turned to her with a knowing nod that said, “You and me both, sister”, and we continued chewing, eyes closed, while we paid our respects to the perfection stuck between our thumbs and forefingers. I’d never felt so connected to a stranger–or a doughnut–in my life. 
This is me, saying my last goodbyes to my new friend. I’mma miss you ol’ girl.
And here I am, glancing at the heavens, thanking whoever was responsible for sending me these doughnuts.
The guy at the next table took one look at us with our four donuts and two huge cameras and asked if I was a food blogger. (Was I that obvious?). I said yes, of course, and asked if he wanted my autograph. He declined politely, but recommended I try the oatmeal doughnut on my next visit. If you’re reading, Hi Oatmeal Guy!! It was nice meeting you. I’ll be there once a week until I outgrow my current pant size, so I hope to see you there again soon. 
Oh the sweet, cruel irony of the gym’s billboard across the street! I’d kill to look better naked too, but not if it meant sacrificing these doughnuts. They were totally worth it and I didn’t feel a minute’s guilt about the indulgence. You only live once, and if I get a little glaze on my teeth and an extra pound on my mid-section, so be it!
If you’re in NYC anytime soon, I HIGHLY recommend a trip to the Doughnut Plant. We went to the new location right next door to the infamous Hotel Chelsea. 

Jenn P.

30-something psychotherapist. Loves cooking, hosting parties, exploring new places. Texan by birth. New Yorker by choice. Likes to tell little stories. Pull up a chair; I'll tell you one.

  • Party Box Design
    oh my gosh, YUM! BEYOND yum! now what is yummier… that donut or bobby flay! lol! had to add that even though the post isnt really about bobby, but he is my bf and all!
  • Courtney B
    Oh. my. Yum!! One day I WILL go there! And make myself sick trying to eat them all haha!
    You are gorgeous!
  • alison@MyLittleHappyPlace
    I think part of me just died over this post. Tres leches would’ve been my first choice, too, but your “angel baby” might just make me sprout wings.
  • alison@MyLittleHappyPlace
    P.S. – Dude, are you on Twitter?
    I’m tweeting this post!
  • Jenn from Much to My Delight
    Ha–thanks Alison. I tried tweeting for 10 minutes and got tired of it. I just don’t have the energy I used to!
  • Shannon
    Really Jenn? REALLY? This is the kind of information you share with your New York friends…or maybe NJ friends. But not the rest of us that do not have immediate access to those little pieces of heaven. I am currently spitting out pieces of computer monitor as I tried to eat that creme brulee doughnut.
  • Lauren @ Hungry Child in the City
    Wow. I am so jealous you went to Donut Plant! I have been dying to try it. The one time I tried to go it was just such a long line we had to leave. BUT, we went to Baby Cakes which is nearby and it was delish!!
  • The Glamorous Gourmet
    You are killing me with those photos – OMG those doughnuts look amazing! I am going to plan a trip to NYC just to go to the Doughnut Plant. You guys make such a cute couple too – looks like you had a great time:)
  • Haven
    This looks so good. If ever, ever, ever I am anywhere near NYC I will be going here. Pistachio donut? YUM.
  • Lauren Zabaneh
    Oh Jenn…I think this may be one of my favorite posts you’ve done. This was hysterical and so delish! I saw that Throwdown too, and I also want to trek to the motherland. But your post was so great, I feel like I just did. I love the stuff you say. I was laughing so hard through this entire post. You could easily win Gladware for a year and a new car for this post. Cheers, my dear. P.s. what’s up with Oatmeal guy? did he know he was missing out on a huge opportunity, getting your autograph? Too much oatmeal and not enough creme brulee is to blame.
  • Alyssa @ Life of bLyss
    oh my goodness. I just stumbled over to your blog and fell in love at the world “donut.” well, maybe it was the pictures that did it. but HOLY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, am I jealous of that fantastic looking trip! :) love your blog, Jenn!
  • featherfactor
    That pistachio glazed doughnut looks amazing, I need to check out this place stat..thank you for posting!
  • Kristin
    Wow! Brings back memories – I visited with my hubbie last year, and funnily enough, we chose the same flavours, even! I remember saying, if all donuts tasted that good I could weigh 300 pounds.
    Thanks for the great post – I will be following from now on.
    Not fair, this place looks the absolute nuts, why can’t i live in NY? They all loo so yum, esp. the coconut cream one…. know any good recipes? x.o.x.o
  • jackie fo
    I am not even a donut person but omg. I think I would like them all…and I also laughed and completely understood when you connected with the stranger re: your donut experience. Restaurants that are made up entirely of donuts is why I need to live in NYC.
  • Nancy Sima
    Wow Jenn- heaven really is a place on earth and you found it! Vin told me that the donuts were AMAZING – and your pics don’t lie!!!
  • XingyMingy
    These doughnuts look epic, much better than the ones you get in the UK :) I love coconut cream too!