Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Mexican Food Heaven at Tortilleria Nixtamal

I like to think I have an iota of self-control, but when it comes to Mexican food, I am utterly powerless. Enchiladas make me happier than they should. Tacos leave me weak at the knees. Put a basket of freshly fried chips and a mound of guacamole in my path, and I am a total goner. If it were legal and socially kosher, I’d marry an avocado and have like 10,000 little avocado babies. And then I’d eat them.
I’m going to make an absolutely fabulous mother some day, don’t you think?

So when our buddies Kerri and Nick invited me and Vin to join them at their favorite new spot the other night–Tortilleria Nixtamal in Corona, Queens–you already know the answer was si. This place, though out of the way for a lot of New Yorkers, is getting lots and lots of buzz in the food world. In fact, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives just filmed here and the episode will be airing soon. (Translation: Get here before the crowds do!!)

Mexican coke= $2.50. Coincidentally matching a patio wall= priceless. 

The main reason Tortilleria Nixtamal is garnering so much buzz is because they are the only place in New York City making fresh masa dough. They make it by boiling down dried white corn, soaking it overnight in lime and grinding it into fresh masa to make tortillas and combining with lard to make tamales. Much of their business is selling their masa and tortillas to some of the city’s most well-known Mexican restaurants (Rosa Mexicana, La Esquina and Whole Foods all use their masa). You can taste the difference. Trust.

Their guac was so good I nearly cried, and their chips–(Oh! Their chips!) could not have been more perfect vessels for transporting that gorgeous green goodness straight into my eager mouth. And for $7? Amazing!! That salsa was nothing to sneeze at neither…

I also tried a fantastic chicken and pork chipotle tamale ($2.50). Vin ordered the mole tamale and raved. I was a big fan of this one. Major spice kick!

But the true highlight of the meal was when these sexy shrimp tacos ($2.50 each…what?!) flew down from heaven and landed on my table. Two fantastic corn tortillas filled with fresh shrimp, mango, cool cucumber and a spicy chipotle cream. Resistance was futile.

Kerri and Nick topped things off with the tres leches cake. I only hang out with smart people. 

Vin ordered the flan. I only date smart people too. 
If you are in the NYC area, do yourself a solid and hop on the 7 train to Corona PRONTO.
Tortilleria Nixtamal
104-05 47th Avenue between 104th and 108th Streets   Corona, NY 11368

And if by chance you hear of a state where it’s legal to marry avocados, be a doll and let me know. Deal?

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  • *claire*
    those look absolutely amazing. i love me some mexican food! i’ll let you know if i hear of a place :)
  • Whit
    I love Mexican food. There is a place a half a block away from where I work that I walk to once a week. Their salsa is to die for. I always pick up 16 oz to take home for the weekend. And now they announced that the building that has been vacant in our parking lot for 10+ years is being remodeled as a Mexican restaurant. Thisiswhyi’mfat. Those shrimp tacos look a-mazing.
  • Andrea @ Vegvacious
    haha – love this post! That food looks amazing!! Mexican is my all-time fave.
  • thoughtfulplate
    Besides hummus, avocado is my next favorite dips. So creamy…so luscious…it’s sinful. I live in Queens, yet I haven’t visited this small shop yet. Shame on me! :)
  • Steffys Pros and Cons
    aww your yellow top is so cute, and mmm i love guacamole! looks so tasty! <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons
  • Shannon
    If that thing between you and the avocado doesn’t work out, I’ll be happy to have you. We can sit around and eat tamales and drink mexican cokes all day. It would be magical. Btw, was this a bday outing??? I hope you had an awesome birthday!
  • Helen
    You have just destroyed me. I want all of those things. Now. Damn this country and their lack of decent Mexican food!
  • Sinful Sundays
    OMG, I’m going to have to give this place a try. Those shrimp tacos look delish! Did the Mexican coke taste different from regular coke?
  • Much to My Delight
    Sinful Sundays–Yes, you really must try this spot! No, the Mexican coke didn’t taste all that different, but I think it was made with cane sugar rather than high-fructose cane syrup.
  • Erin
    Ohmygosh! Looks delicious! It’s actually the first blog post i’ve ever taken notes on (for directions!)! I’m sooo going here this summer.
  • Mariel Torres
    Oh my! All this talk is making me so hungry. Great post doll! Kisses
  • Lynzy
    OMG I die for guacamole. That looks delicious! xo Lynzy
  • jackie fo
    hilarious post. avocado babies. baha
  • Rachel @ The Avid Appetite
    I am definitely going to check this place out! I have an obsession with tamales. Everything looks great!
  • Jazzy E (hivenn)
    You’re so cute! x hivenn
  • gabrielle
    lol avocado babies. i would eat them too. i honestly didnt eat good mexican food until i moved to nyc and now i am completely obsessed. no more texmex shit- tacos are more than just meat and cheese. i could wax poetic for hours. ps- doesnt saying “mexican coke” make you feel like a badass?! love it.