Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Into the Mystic…

At the beginning of the summer I comprised a short list of things I would like to do before the season ends. I said I wanted to drown myself in margaritas (haven’t had a one), eat ice cream until overtaken by nausea (goal achieved), and most ambitiously, take a road trip to Mystic, Connecticut. Well, at least three people were reading my blog that day, because before I knew it, my Facebook page was filled with eager requests to put a day trip together.

Bridget: “I love Mystic! I would totally do a day trip with ya! We can get Mystic Pizza:)”
Diana: “I wanna go to Mystic! I love it, I love it, I love it!”
Aubrey: “Geez, I think I’m the only person to never have gone to Mystic! Can I come on the road trip too? I’ve been looking to go since 1988.”

I read their comments with delight, and learned an important lesson that day: If you blog it, they will come. 

First off, let me introduce the travelers. Bridget, Diana and Aubrey all went to high school with my boyfriend Vin. Even when I was new around their group, they never Olivia Newton-Johned me. I felt like one of the Pink Ladies right away, and I love them for that. I was stoked to hit the road with this motley crew, so this Saturday we left Queens early to catch breakfast by the bay in ol’ Mystic.

We went to an adorable little breakfast spot right on the water called Kitchen Little. I’m telling you, all meals should be eaten under a patio umbrella inches away from the water. Once you’ve had your morning coffee with a side of cool breeze, there’s really no other way to fly. I ordered the Crab and Asparagus Benedict and I SO want to rave about it, but the egg was really overcooked and the English muffin was pretty tough which leads me to believe it had been hanging around under a heat lamp. I have faith that I’ll have better luck next time.

After breakfast, we hit up the Mystic Aquarium for some under-the-sea action. I must say, visiting aquariums always makes me feel very grateful for my life as a warm-blooded human. I like to swim as much as the next guy but ALL DAY? That must get pretty old after a few laps. 
Although, seahorses must be pretty smug about how adorable they are. 
And crazy shiitake-looking jellyfish really don’t have the same worries as you and I do. They never have to fret about house payments, the national debt crisis or maintaining balance between their professional and personal lives.
And let’s face it, Heart’s not writing any Top 40 hits about us anytime soon.
After our little aquatic adventure, we did some light shopping at Mystic’s quaint shopping village, a collection of stores so blatantly designed for tourists that the town locals probably burst into flames or hysterics the minute they enter the area.

It is the place to be if you are ever in the market for an angel figurine, a new mailbox or an apron with the Danish flag on it.

And then, like good children of the ’80s, we had our lunch break at the Mystic Pizza. We just had to; please don’t call us cheesy for that (get it, cheesy? Cheesy pizza? Hilarious.) 
We are also not cheesy for buying four matching t-shirts. We are cool and will look even cooler once we’ve cut the elastic off the neckline just like Julia Roberts did. 
“Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Connecticut. I have to give it my highest rating…FOUR STARS!”
I have to give the town of Mystic my highest rating too. I had a lovely day in a beautiful place with three wonderful gals. 

Jenn P.

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  • Daina @ New York State of Mind
    That looks like such a lovely time! I love taking those little getaways. Dare I say it… I have never seen Mystic Pizza! I need to! Happy to hear you had a great time in Mystic, CT.
  • Sinful Sundays
    Great summer getaway! Now I wanna go to Mystic…
  • ag.
    cheesy pizza! i love it! looks like such a cute place to visit! and i love that you have three lovely friends to go with, looks like fun!
  • Stevie Leigh
    Beautiful! I love Mystic – I grew up in Madison, and went to Mystic in the summers :) Great blog!
    Wow, major movie flashback!
    Loving all these photos – you look gorgeous and relaxed as ever! I had no idea it was a ‘real’ place! So the pizza was good then?! x.o.x.o