Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Stuffed Squash Boats with Bulgar and Goat Cheese

I like boats, always have. Paddleboats, tugboats, ferry boats–all great. But I just discovered what I think might be my very, very favorite boat. The squash boat. Martha Stewart introduced us just last week, and I was smitten right off the bat, er, boat.

The jist of it is this: You take a really big summer squash and scoop out the insides with a spoon. Then you stuff it with yummy things like sauteed onions, the reserved squash, bulgar wheat, some almonds and goat or feta cheese. I also threw in some basil and garlic because I’m a fool for those flavors. I modified Martha’s recipe for Stuffed Squash with Bulgar and Feta
I found the easiest way to carve the squash was to trace an outline with the edge of a spoon before scooping out the insides. Reserve the squash you scoop out; you’ll be mixing it with the other ingredients, sauteeing, then stuffing back into the squash boats. Then you bake until the squash is cooked through and the filling is golden brown. 
*Tip: Make your grains in bulk at the beginning of the week (like quinoa, brown rice or bulgar wheat) so you can scatter them throughout your dishes all week without having to make them over and over. I had bulgar already made from the day before, which made pulling this together really easy.

I served it alongside some slivered brussel sprouts sauteed with shallots, garlic and walnuts because yellow and green look really cute next to one another. And call me shallow, but I really like it when my food looks cute. Hence, be on the lookout for more food-boat recipes from this gal.

Jenn P.

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  • Yelena Starikova
    MMMM…Looks DELISH!!! Im your new follower! AllGlamThings
  • Lauren Zabaneh
    this is a great vegetarian option! I’ve been trying to cut out meat from our dinners at night to cut back on the ‘ol grocery bill. But growing up in the midwest, it’s ingrained in me to eat meat for dinner, it’s what you do. Nobody knows why, you just do it! So this would be really fun. And maybe if I tell my kids they are boats and stick a flag in it they will eat it. I know I would eat it. The tip on making up a big batch of grain at the beginning of the week is such a great idea! Love that. I feel the same way about you Jenn. MWAH! Gosh I wish NYC wasn’t so far away:(
  • alison@MyLittleHappyPlace
    Look at you one-upping MStew! I’m all over something new for bulgar, though. A must-try for me.
  • Erin
    That looks divine! You are a regular Betty Crocker! xx Erin @
  • green food powder
    Brussel sprouts taste good with garlic and walnuts.
  • Monet
    These boats do look adorable, and they sound delicious. I know what I’m picking up at the market today! Thank you for sharing such a delicious meal with me today. I hope you have a beautiful Saturday…and stay cool! Much love from Austin.
  • Britt+Whit
    wow this looks soo good! yummy! love from San Francisco,