Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Dollar Store Holiday Decorating

I usually don’t knock myself out decorating for the holidays, but since I was hosting a party at my home, it definitely called for a bigger dose of hall decking. I have a few rules for myself when decorating for any holiday:
1) Don’t spend tons of money.
2) Buy stuff I’ll use again, potentially all year or at least for other holidays. 
3) Make sure I have ample room to store whatever I buy for 11 months.

Know where I went shopping? Dollar stores. Yup. Nearly everything I used to decorate for the holidays was from a discount, dollar, or thrift store. Including the white tree, which cost only $30. The ornaments were free, as they were all handed down from Vin’s grandparents. It’s hard to see in this pic, but I made a banner by folding a package of doilies ($2) over a piece of ribbon. I got the idea from Pinterest.

I bought a spool of thick ribbon and taped it over a painted canvas (which I already had in the house). 
I used the same ribbon to hang two mini garland wreaths (50 cents each!) in my bathroom.

I bought two big garland wreaths for only three bucks each at a discount store, then tied on a few red ornaments for a little color. The two nutrackers were found at a thrift store for $1 each, the ornaments came from a dollar store and the straws were leftover from other parties. 
Aren’t those little trees cute? One buck a pop, surrounded by white candles 
I had leftover from Halloween. 
And when I couldn’t find what I needed, I made it! I had no desire to go out and buy stockings to 
fill the wall, so I made them out of paper. The snowflakes hanging from the ceiling are made from perforated scrapbook paper. 
If you’d like to share how you decorated for the holidays, be sure to submit your photos to Inspired by Design’s facebook page!

Jenn P.

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  • Andrea @ Vegvacious
    Your decorations look awesome! I’ve found quite a few steals at the local Dollar Store this year! From bows to greenery to ornaments – I love a good deal!
  • Velva
    Wow, you did a great job. Thanks for reminding us that to do fab decorations you do not have to break the bank. Merry Christmas to you. Velva
  • Jamie
    Everything looks great!
    Cor! You did an amazing job and on a budget too! Good stuff! Feels tres festive at your casa! I loved your previous post – how much fun! I wanna come along to the next one! ;) Great photos of you guys and all the gorgeous couples too! Wishing you a super awesome Xmas and New Year Jenn!
  • Justine Fontinell
    Looks so lovely!
  • BigAppleNosh
    I love all the random (but pretty!) stuff you can find at dollar stores!
  • jackie fo
    I’m a big dollar store fan…heading there tomorrow to buy a bunch of stuff for New years eve. It’s the best…because everything is only a dollar…it’s amazing.