Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

The “Whole 30″ Diary: Week 3

We successfully completed another week on the Whole 30 plan, but in an effort to not bury the lede, let me announce up front: We will not be going the entire 30 days. Wop-wop.

The more I read about the “reintroduction” phase of this challenge–where we reincorporate the foods that have been eliminated to see what are inflammatory to our systems– the more freaked out I have become about the aftermath. We go on vacation in two weeks, and if we did the whole 30 days, we’d start the reintroduction while in Paris. I started this thing on a whim without really considering the timing overall. Oops. Now I don’t know about you, but having gastrointestinal issues while chowing down on a baguette with brie sounds like a real buzzkill. So, we end on day 21 instead and try to sidestep le distress de gastro while on vacation. Tres magnifique!


Here’s how the week shaped up for us:

Day 15- 16:  If we stick to anything after this challenge is up, it will be packing lunches the way I have for the past two weeks.  This sounds weird to say, but I may never boil a bag of pasta again (the horror!). I often used pasta or quinoa as the “filling” component of packed lunches, with the result of feeling sluggish and heavy in the afternoon. After this, I’ll definitely be sticking with some of the easy lunches I’ve made this month because we definitely feel better throughout the day. Examples of great meals were salad topped with grilled chicken, avocado, radish, carrot and almonds and shredded chicken topped with an easy chimichurri sauce, sweet potatoes and garlicky broccoli.

DSC_9520Lunch days of yore: Lotsa pasta with veggies on top.

lunch time mango salsa


Lunch days of the future: Veggies and fruits with protein and healthy fats on top

Day 17:  It is a rainy, crummy, chilly day and on days like this, curling up with a mug of coffee sounds like the only thing in life that’s important. Vin and I do a few errands during the day, including a trip to the grocery store, where we lap the perimeter and avoid the middle.  I find myself looking in other peoples’ carts out of curiousity. I have to point out that stuff in boxes is far more prevalent than stuff with leaves, and I can certainly understand why. Eating the whole 30/paleo way is not cheap, and because everything is perishable, shopping must be done every few days.

Tonight we are having dinner with one of our favorite couples, Jen and Jackie, at their lovely apartment in Brooklyn. They are two of the healthiest whole-food eaters I know, so dining at their house will not be a problem. Jen tops her adorable polka plates with yummy rosemary sweet potatoes, beets with horseradish and absolutely perfect shiitakes. I brought kale sauteed with pecans and cranberries to help contribute to the most colorful meal ever! For dessert, Jen whips up banana soft-serve ice cream and I made coconut-pecan larabars. We are feeling smugly healthy.

healthy plate

Day 18: I made a good Sunday breakfast, based on a meal I had in Hawaii last year. Roasted root vegetables served with a fried egg on top! I seriously can’t make an attractive egg to save my life, but this is something I plan to be making a lot during the week. Just roast some parsnips, sweet potatoes and onions with rosemary, salt and sage, then top with the eggs. Holla!

egg and roaste veggie

Had short ribs for dinner. Methinks red meat will definitely not be as prevalent in my life from here on. I’ve eaten it a few times and have never felt stellar afterward.

Day 19: Memorial Day, so we open up the grill for the first time this season. We both wonder what we’d been waiting for (I don’t know… maybe some consistently sunny warm weather?). I wish we’d been grilling earlier in this challenge, as having grilled chicken on hand to throw on top of veggies makes meal-planning a cinch. By the way, have I mentioned that I’m pretty bored of eating this way?

Day 20: Tomorrow I start reintroducing foods back in. I want to give myself enough time to bring back dairy, grains, etc. one by one so I can get a clear idea of what’s been causing my stomach aches and bloating. I’m starting with dairy. Hello coffee with milk and salad with goat cheese!!

Next up: I’ll post a summary of our results, including my favorite recipes from the last 20 days, and tips for surviving a Whole 30 should you choose to do one!

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  • Jen W
    Love seeing our plates! And those marvelous eats…before things got ugly. Love you guys and can’t wait for redux dinner and movie upon your return xoxo
  • NickB
    Great posts, Jenn. Looking forward to seeing the results of the reintroductions. Thanks for sharing!