Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Our quickie trip to my new favorite place– San Juan, PR!

It’s a busy time of year. Not too many words here. Many pictures. Enjoy.


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After getting bounced off our flight to Texas last Christmas, Delta gifted me and Vinny two $400 travel vouchers. They were expiring fast, so I started punching in locations to see where we could go for under 400 bucks in December. We never had plans to go to Puerto Rico last week, but that’s where we ended up. Sometimes life is serendipitous that way, because Puerto Rico is my new favorite place.

Turns out, a trip to PR is CHEAPER and FASTER than a flight to visit my parents in Texas. Plus, because we traveled in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our resort’s rooms were slashed by a whopping 40% and the place was nearly empty. I felt bad for the single 20-somethings who clearly came to party, but it was absolutely lovely sitting by a practically private beach and pool. We stayed at Gran Melia and it was fantastic.

Resorts are lovely, but it’s Old San Juan that really sold me on the place. With the old buildings, narrow alleys and cobblestone streets I felt like I was in Europe! (A three-hour flight to feel like I’m in Europe? Sold!!). The people were warm and lovely, and there were tons of cool shops and artisans selling homemade goods. It was extra cool to visit San Juan during the Christmas season, as it is clearly a very sacred and special time of year in Puerto Rico. There is a clear emphasis on the religious rather than commercial aspect of Christmas in Puerto Rico, and that was very refreshing and lovely to see. We ended up stumbling on a free concert to kick off the Christmas season in the middle of town, and people were dancing and singing in the street. It made me so happy I cried.

I’m going to do a food post too, because the eats there are OFF THE CHAIN. Mofongo–you’ve ruined other foods for me forever.

Also, don’t be surprised if you get an email from me next November inviting you on an early December trip to PR. I’m bringing everyone with me next year. I drank the coquito, and I liked it.

Jenn P.

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  • Jenna / Eat Drink Pretty
    Very jealous of your trip. Looked way fab. Erik and I are going to Mexico in January and it can’t come fast enough.
    • Jenn from much to my delight
      What a perfect post-holiday retreat! Where are you going in Mexico?
      • Jenna / Eat Drink Pretty
        We’re going to Riviera Maya. It’s a quick flight for us into Cancun then a 45 minute drive and we will hopefully be on the beach by noon. We’re going to the same resort we went to for our honeymoon to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. Only 4 nights, 5 days but I’m sure it will be amazing. This resort has awesome sushi. Can’t wait.
  • Daina Ankrum
    Um, I am totally in next December and will be waiting for the email! I need to get down there soon. Looks amazing!
    • Jenn from much to my delight
      Let’s do it! New York is going to take over!!!
  • Jillian
    Mofongo is awesome! If you’re looking for a fix in NY, try Fatty’s. Theirs is pretty good, although it doesn’t compare to any I’ve had in PR (or my grandmother’s). Glad you had a great time. PR is the best!!!
    • Jenn from much to my delight
      Have definitely had the mofongo at Fatty’s and it was great! I’m definitely going to be making my own version at home. I totally fell in love with PR and can’t wait to go back! (And I agree–Fatty’s mofongo didn’t compare to what I ate there).
  • Meg
    Well, Puerto Rico in December sounds — and looks! — positively awesome. Some family members went a year or two ago and fell in love with the place as well, so it sounds like I might have to look into a springtime trip! My husband and I are scouting locations for a delayed honeymoon. We were thinking Iceland, but I’m worried that’s going to be a bit outside our budget these days. Would you say there’s enough for two lovebirds to do in San Juan for a week-ish?
    • Jenn from much to my delight
      I LOVE it!! In truth, we were only there four days. We stayed two whole days at the beach/pool at the resort and then explored the other beaches and Old San Juan the other day. I think there’s a whole lot of stuff we missed, including exploring the rainforest. I would say you could definitely occupy your time there for a week. And I really loved our resort- the Gran Melia. The oceanfront rooms are very romantic (whirlpools on private outdoor patios!)
    • Jenn from much to my delight
      Also, several of my friends have been to Iceland a few times and cite it as their favorite place on the planet. If you check places like expedia and travelocity, they have flight/hotel deals there very frequently, so if you keep your eyes peeled you may be able to get a good deal there. They’ve been both in summertime and winter and it looks other-worldly.
  • Rachel Sedaker
    Puerto Rico has been on my radar as a travel destination for awhile, and you make it sound perfectly lovely!
    • Jenn from much to my delight
      I was very pleasantly surprised, and it was an easy and affordable trip. Hope you make it there!
  • chefjamielevine
    Your instagram pics made me so envious….looks like a great time! So crazy that it’s cheaper than TX too. Spontaneous trips are the best.
  • Julie
    Oh my gosh girl you hit jackpot!! I’d take this over Texas anyday!! Looks amazing and not going to lie, I’m hugely jealous. I could use some sun and warmth. You two just look cool and like great travel people. Love it.
  • Cammila
    Impossibly beautiful. Some of these shots are so gorgeous, I have to figure seeing these sights in person was no less than surreal. I’d bet it was pure magic. :)