Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

Inside My Handbag

I’m always very curious about the inner lives of others, so I have a soft spot for those posts when bloggers give readers a look inside their handbags. Usually it’s a well-curated vignette containing designer sunglasses, a really chic wallet, an iPhone/blackberry/Ipad/Kindle, a healthy little snack of shelled almonds or green juice made from squeezed kale, and beautifully packaged cosmetics. Occasionally someone will admit they cleared out the balled-up receipts and spare change before taking the picture.

Anyway, thought I’d let you go behind my scenes and check out what I drag around on my hip most days. It just occurred to me that I wrote about looking in other peoples’ closets yesterday, so I must have some kind of theme going. Maybe it’s all the spring cleaning I haven’t done yet. Clearly.

1. Non-designer wallet (not pictured)- typically stuffed with used metrocards, a punchcard for the bubble tea place down the street, my very old grad school I.D. (it was a good picture)

2. Nearly destroyed bag of Chex Mix

3. Half-empty bottle of Seltzer water to wash down the chex mix. Those pretzels were making me thirsty.

4. At least seven errant appointment cards

5. New contact cases, fresh from the drugstore

6. a $1 bill and 84 cents in loose change

7. Two homemade “larabars” made with dates, pulverized pecans and coconut

8. last week’s ziploc bag that held two larabars

9. Professional reading material: “I Hate You…Don’t Leave Me.”

10. Beauty tools including a hairbrush with a broken mirror on the back, concealer jar filled with empty promises, a few lipsticks, a makeup brush, contact rewetting drops and a fresh pantyliner

11. Plastic serveware

Another glam slam from Queens! What would we see if you dumped out your purse on the floor right now? (or man-bag, for you non-female readers).

Jenn P.

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  • Meg
    Love the honesty! I did one of these posts years ago and definitely removed my used tissues, wadded-up gum stuck in receipts and various hair ties (seriously, why do I have so many hair ties?). But in the interest of full disclosure, I did leave things like my ten million Sharpies (I like variety), books and stacks of receipts. I actually made a decision a month ago to really streamline what I tote around with me every day — mostly because my shoulder was starting to hurt, and I’m too young to be so creaky! My own photo today would be similar to that early one: wallet, paperback book of whatever I’m currently reading, a few Chapsticks, ibuprofen and other random meds, stamps, coupons. Nothing too sexy or exciting, but I’m all right with that!
  • Mango Sims
    Great post…this prompted me to rummage my own pocketbook (because how many times are we afforded the opportunity to use that word?) and I found a forgotten bar of chocolate beneath a crumpled diaper, just on top of the sheath of a long-lost umbrella. Thrilled to find the tasty morsel, I likely would have pierced my finger on the tip of a random thumbtack, but thankfully I’d had the foresight to stuff said tip into a stolen pencil eraser back in December. It may be time to purge.
  • Alaine M.
    The pantyliner reveal is the reason I read your blog; hilarity always ensues. My bag contains a Microbiology text that haunts me (“read me.. you WILL be tested on this. No, seriously… why are you so lazy??”), a metal fork (because you never know when you’ll want to eat something awkward on-the-go), a half eaten lollipop wrapped in a tissue (…I momentarily forgot that lollipops were meant for toddlers), a MAC lipstick that I’ve owned since prom (I’m 28). I guess I should clean out my bag… after I read Microbiology. Well, I guess that’s not happening…
  • Paige @ LPD
    Ha probably a lot similar to this… My bag is always a mess.