Much To My Delight

Much To My Delight

A Big Announcement


I moved to New York City 20 years ago with a goal to write.

As a kid, I dreamed about growing up to become a newspaper columnist. My first jobs out of college were in publishing, but were nothing like I’d pictured. I was writing about subjects that didn’t interest me much for very low pay. I never really found my groove in the magazine world, and after a lot of false starts and dead ends, I left the field altogether.

That’s when fate (otherwise known as the internet) stepped in and let me create that dream-job on my own. I discovered blogging in 2010, and have been posting my own “column” incredibly sporadically ever since. I loved the freedom of writing about anything and everything that came to mind, without an editor asking me to fix that or change this. I was free to write in whatever style I wanted, which helped me develop a stronger writing voice (I think). There were many times things would happen and I’d be DYING to write about them here. There were times when keeping a blog pushed me to make plans and try new things so I’d have something fun to write about. There were also plenty of occasions when I struggled to come up with anything to say.

Over the years, my posting frequency has dwindled to a slow trickle. A lot of that can be attributed to fatigue and job burnout, some was classic writer’s block and a great deal was frustration with back-end stuff on WordPress. You may have noticed that this site is visually quite messy, with the photographs often blown out and distorted to wacky proportions. Blogging on WordPress is not great for people like me who get flustered trying to make even the most basic back-end tweak. Every time I wanted to post a few pictures to illustrate a story, I’d waste a few hours, only for the shots to come out looking goofy anyway. I’m not a full-time blogger and never had a plan to be, so working with a site that was difficult to post on absolutely contributed to a lack of content.

And so without further ado…sadly, this will be my last post on Much to My Delight. I think this blog has run its course, and looking at the site doesn’t bring me the same motivation or excitement anymore. I started it in my early 30s and now I’m in my early 40s. I think it’s time to move on, so I’d like to take this time to thank you all for reading here through the years, especially as I’ve been such an intermittent poster. You guys are great, and I’ll miss talking to you (and with you!) in this space. Thank you for reading here all these years– it’s meant so much to me.

much to my delight blog

Thanks for everything!


Oh wait… I forgot to mention…

I have a new blog!

GOT YOU, suckers! April Fool’s ALL UP IN YOUR FACE.

It’s true, ye old faithful Much to My Delight is indeed biting the dust today, but that’s only so I can introduce you to my brand new site!


MidLife Modern: A Blog for Grown-Ass Women


I know, I know… 41 (42 in June!) is maybe technically not middle-aged yet, but as I thought about building a new site to post on, I knew I wanted something that reflected the stage I’m entering into, something I could grow with. It’s along the lines of buying an expensive winter coat a size too large, just in case you happen to gain 15 pounds in the next five years. (I totally did this by the way and it was one of the best financial decisions I’ve made).

Since going into private practice and no longer commuting two hours a day into Manhattan, I have blissfully stumbled into some free time, which feels like the world’s greatest gift, as it’s all I ever truly want more of.  My hope is that with a less stressful job, more time and an easier platform to deal with, I’ll be able to get back into a fun blogging groove again, writing about topics that reflect this new season of life (okay, now I do sound middle-aged!). I’ll likely never be a daily blogger, but I’m excited to think up some new topics from a different angle, and hope you’ll follow along with me.

Thanks to everyone who ever read a single post of mine. Thank you to the people who took time out of your day to offer kind words, positive feedback and thoughtful commentary. Whenever I felt myself stepping away from writing, it was you who pulled me back in and I appreciate that so much.

It’s been a delightful journey, and now I’m ready to take the next step. Hope you’ll follow along with me!

xoxo, Jenn

Jenn P.

30-something psychotherapist. Loves cooking, hosting parties, exploring new places. Texan by birth. New Yorker by choice. Likes to tell little stories. Pull up a chair; I'll tell you one.

  • Laura
    Yay! I love reading your stories (however sporadically they may appear), so I can’t wait to check out your new blog!
    • Jenn from much to my delight
      Thanks Laura!!
  • Gail in Rhode Island
    I’m totally psyched that you have a new blog. I read the first part of your 4/1 post with a sense of resigned sadness, and was so relieved to discover you’re not exiting the blogosphere altogether! I always enjoy your posts, so keep ‘em coming!!
    • Jenn from much to my delight
      Thanks Gail! I will try!