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Do Sleep Trackers Help You Sleep Better

Do sleep trackers help you sleep better

Why is sleep necessary

There is a popular proverb saying a sound body has a sound mind. The sound body always requires sound sleep. Proper sleep is necessary for the body just like a proper diet. Proper sleep provides a lot of benefits such as reducing stress and boosting the mood. It also prevents heart attack and diabetes. There are many gummies available in the market that can help you to get deep sleep such as Sugarbear Sleep Deep 5-HTP Vitamin Gummies.

Deep sleep also provides benefits including the production of hormones during sleep that help the body sleep well. The brain also processes information for the whole day and converts it into memory. In short, deep sleep is mandatory for the body to keep functioning properly.

What are sleep trackers?

What are sleep trackers and do sleep trackers help you sleep better? The sleep tracker is a smart device that is manufactured to manage the time for sleep. The tracker is used to notify the timetable when you sleep and when you wake up in the morning. The trackers also count the intensity of your sleep depending on how deep you were. It also measures how calm you were during your sleep.

Varieties of tracers

There are many types of trackers that have hit the market. These are available with various qualities and functioning. Below are the types of trackers.

Wrist trackers

These trackers are designed in such a fashion that they can clamp to your wrist and they perform their function. They work in synchronization with our bodies. They can count our heartbeat, blood pressure, and even oxygen consumption. These measurements then give the sleep awake timetable.

The side table trackers

These trackers sit on the side tables of your bed. There they notice how you sleep in the bed and how peaceful you are in your bed during sleep. They are in the shape of an alarm clock and are smart in their processing.

The pillow anchoring trackers

This sleep tracker attaches to your pillow. They remain in your bed during your sleep, count the time of your sleep and the deepness of sleep.

How does the tracker work?

Do sleep trackers help you sleep better? The sleep trackers are being devised by some smartwatch companies and they are working in synchronization with the body. These trackers work by using the following information.

Heart beat

The first thing to be measured during sleep is a heartbeat. These trackers, especially the wrist trackers, measure the rate of your heart and estimate the sleep period. The heartbeat is a basic factor that alters during sleep.  During sleep, the heartbeat is slower than the normal rate.

The blood pressure

The second factor being monitored by the sleep trackers is blood pressure. When the person is sleeping, the heartbeat slows down a little more than normal time so the blood pressure is also lowered. The lowered blood pressure shows the extent of deep sleep.

The nerve impulses

The sleep tracker development companies are trying to add the feature of measuring nerve impulses that originate from the brain. Because during sleep the brain functioning is somewhat lowered and the signaling is not as high as during awkward situations. But the trackers are still not able to measure the intensity of nerve impulses traveling between different parts of the body and the brain. So, the measurements made by trackers can’t be considered accurate.

The features of trackers

The trackers come with different ranges and features but all the trackers have the features which are being shared by all of them. Here are some features they all show in their measurements.

The duration of sleep

The trackers are all designed to measure the period of your sleep. So they all have the feature to count sleep duration by measuring the time when you are inactive and sleeping and the period when you leave the bed and are active in routine.

The sleep intensity

The trackers also measure the intensity of sleep and how deep your sleep was. The intensity of deepness shows calmness during sleep. It depicts whether the sleep was interrupted or it was peaceful throughout the whole sleeping period. It also counts the respiration rate during your sleep period.

The environmental factors

The trackers also measure the environmental factors which can interrupt your sleep. These factors are following

  1. Light in the room
  2. The temperature of the room
  3. The calmness in the room
  4. The noise pollution

The diet plans

The trackers can also measure the diet plan you are following because the diet has a very strong impact on sleep patterns. The trackers are devised with software that counts the amount of caffeine, nicotine, and other drugs which sometimes assist in sleep. Some of these drugs are involved in making the body restless and irritating. So, they disturb the sleep hours. 

The sleep tracker apps

Sleep trackers are hardware devices that cannot be managed by people sometimes. So, technology has solved this problem by changing the physical device with software. The sleep tracker app is also being developed by smartwatches and smartphone companies. In this case, the app is installed in the smartwatch and can be easily managed by the user along with the smartwatch he/ she is using.

Working on sleep tracker app

The sleep tracker app is installed on the smartwatch or the smartphones and they are working with the body timetable. These tracker apps can also measure all aspects that the physical trackers can measure. These sleep tracker apps have all the features which physical trackers provide to the user.

The advantages of the tracker app over the hardware tracker

The tracker app has the following advantages.

  1. They are very easy to manage because they can be easily installed on the phone or smartwatch.
  2. You don’t need to carry them separately with you if you are moving to another place or so. They can be easily reset if there occurs any problem with them
  3. Moreover, in case of any small issue, you can reinstall the app.


The sleep trackers are useful in measuring your sleep duration and deepness of sleep so that one can improve his habits or condition of rooms to enjoy a sound sleep. These trackers also reveal the problems associated with our diet and they interrupt our sleep.